4 things to look for before choosing a family accommodation

October 19, 2021

Always the first priority of accommodation is the comfortability of you and your family. In the places you want to visit, look for a local boutique accommodation that offers large rooms in a central location. Don’t choose hotels simply because your friends stayed there or simply because of brand names. 

Go big  

Make yourself comfortable. Make sure there is enough space for everyone and their luggage. When the two of us visited Japan, one of the hotel rooms was so small it looked like a Tetris game. We had to jump on our luggage to go to bed!

If possible, find budget short term accommodation Singapore with a separate living room. This will make a big difference when travelling with the little ones. After a long day of travel, it’s nice to have your own space. These places are easy to find in Asia, but they are not as common in other places like Europe, Singapore. 

Keep it central

If the city centre and attractions are within walking distance, you will save time and travel costs. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility to come back during the day if you need a break or accidentally leave something behind. But make sure the room does not face a noisy street.

The central location can be expensive. Therefore, if you live outside the city centre, make sure your accommodation is within walking distance of the bus or train station. 

 Keep the same sleep settings as at home. Our son has preferred to sleep in his own bed since our first family trip! Instead of opting for a triple room, book hotels that will provide you with a free extra bed or crib.

This will save you A LOT on your trip. Most budget short term accommodation Singapore offer young travellers a free crib or single bed. Please contact the hotel directly to confirm the availability of cots on your travel dates.

Good Bath 

For younger children, a bath is a great opportunity to have fun in the comfort of their hotel room. Baths can be incredibly fun on their own. If you don’t shower regularly at home, this will be very special for all of you. You can also use hotel toiletries for a game of sink and float.

For parents, relaxing and having a nice hot bath after a long day of sightseeing is a bonus: children usually give you about 5 minutes before there is a knock on the bathroom door!