September 7, 2021

1.    Introduction

Nowadays child support has become a major problem when the parents are applying for divorce. The child should be financially benefited and also child maintenance is a big problem for the parents who are getting separated. In child support it is an option made by the parents where they pay periodic payments for their children and guardian or caregiver who are taking care of their children. This is the policy where they make payments at the end of their marriage or any other relationship. Child maintenance is paid directly by the parents to the caregiver who are taking care of their children. Depending on that Jurisdiction where custodial parent pay for child support do an non custodial parent. The child support lawyer will tell you how much to pay should be paid based on the court judgment

Who will decide how much financial support to be provided

A.   Whenever parents are applying for divorce or their relationship between a couple is going to get terminated if they had children they should approach child support lawyer because the child has to be taken care and the child maintenance has to be Megan get off

B.   There are some jurisdictions in joint custody that child has two custodial parents where the custodial parent who has higher income should pay to the caregiver that is the other custodial parent with low income

C.   other jurisdictions like Where that’s a list taken care by the parents itself that is they share for particular month

D.   in some cases the non custodial caregivers and does the situation where custodial parents should pay them non custodial parents for taking care of child, school fees is, financial assistance for other activities

E.    right to child act has been implemented and internationally recognized when that parents are getting separated, Usually in family law it is included if parents are applying for divorce or marital separation

F.    The Child Support lawyer plans though financial support of the child as per the judgment given by the court orMediation with child support attorney, thereby the lawyer concludes how much financial support the parents has to provide for their children as a part of their separation.

2.    Conclusion

I suggest whenever parents or unmarried couples are applying for divorce or marital separation they also should take care of their children support, so there has to approach child support lawyer but the financial support of for their children. Nowadays in family law child support is also included So that the custodial parents should pay for non custodial parents for taking care of their child, education and other activities. So that the children will be benefited.