Want False Identity? Idgod Should Be on Your List!

January 21, 2022

As far as false I.D. merchants go, they’re a dollar a bunch. In this case, idgod isn’t striking any novel territory. As long as false Identity sellers go, they’re a run-of-the-mill operation that isn’t even close to being the greatest. However, they’ve remained in existence lengthy sufficient to have found popularity with a limited group of people in specific states. Is it enough to make them valuable? Well, sort of.

What should you know about IDGod?

During the previous two decades, China has seen a boom in the fraudulent documentation industry when it refers to purchasing fake degrees, driver’s licenses, and other bogus papers, the U.S. Is the largest customer. Fake I.D.s are considered a hugely profitable industry in China. IDGOD claims to be among the industry’s early pioneers. For most freshman meetings, the fake I.D. service is an essential resource. A well-known supplier offers unnamed payment methods to keep its clients safe. It began as a local shipper, but it relocated its activities to Hong Kong and China due to increased scrutiny from U.S. law authorities.

Because idgod is based outside the nation, you must transfer your cash using Western Union/MoneyGram. For many individuals, this is a show-stopper because transferring money to China is seldom one that inspires confidence. This implies that if you have problems with your transactions, you won’t do anything concerning it.


idgod also takes payments in cryptos such as Bitcoins, Ltc, and Ethereum if you wish to be extra hidden with your transactions. This may take a couple of hours to verify, but it’s a good way to trade if you don’t wish your private information associated with the transactions.

Benefits of choosing IDGod

The project’s enormous benefits exceed its drawbacks. I.D. God pricing is maintained reasonable and accessible to a wide range of customers. The ordering procedure is straightforward, and customers may select from various transaction choices. The I.D.s are of high quality; therefore, they will easily survive the verification process at any organization. You may take the documentation with you confidently, understanding that it is long-lasting and will not degrade with time. The arrival is on time — and if one wishes to speed things up, you can choose the expedited shipment.