The surprising resource that’s bringing California closer to victory

November 5, 2020
hemp dispensaries

Some may find it surprising that California hemp is bringing the state one step closer to victory. If you’re a hemp historian, you probably remember the Hemp for Victory wartime film. Yes, we are facing a world that is going to be dominated by industrial help. Though, the people who made that World War Two film had no idea that there would be so many more uses for hemp. It’s not farfetched to say that hemp is going to change the California agricultural landscape. Industrial hemp has proven invaluable, and in the not so distant future, California’s economic future will be heavily reliant on the plant that springs up like a weed.

hemp dispensaries

Food, clothing, and medical supplies are a few uses of hemp

Hemp seeds, for example, are full of protein. Oil can be pressed from the seeds and used for food, cosmetics, and even industrial uses. Clothing can be made from the fibrous stalks as well as paper. We all know that CBD oil has taken the world by storm and that’s made from hemp buds. You see, the truth is, there’s no part of the plant that can’t be used. It could easily be said that hemp is one of the most universal plants a farmer can raise.

Every day people are making the most out of hemp

It won’t be long until every household has at least one hemp product in it. There was once a time when hemp was thought of as a fringe element that only certain people in society sought out. Things have changed, and hemp is now in everyday products that the consumer doesn’t realize. Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands of products with hemp in them. A trip to the local grocery store often involves a purchase of a hemp product. You may not realize that hemp is in the product, but if you read the label, you’ll see it there. None of this mentions the durable goods that are made from hemp, such as plastics, cloth, or industrial-strength oils that lubricate and protect expensive machinery.

hemp dispensaries

Yes, there’s victory to be found in those hemp seeds

People today, just like in yesteryear, were victorious when it comes to hemp. The difference is, we now know that the future is even brighter, and the uses are almost endless for hemp. It won’t be long until this versatile plant makes its way into other areas that dominate our lives. Who knows, you might even find hemp-based products in the car you drive someday.