Importance of customer reviews for restaurant

November 30, 2021

Like it or not, some websites based review sites are essential for your restaurant today. Little by little they are replacing the recommendations of word of mouth. Many restaurants think they can do without or ignore these 먹튀검증 reviews and hope that the negative reviews will magically fade away. Whether these reviews are fair or not, especially negative ones, what we cannot ignore is the importance they have for the reputation of a restaurant.

A positive reputation is one of the most powerful marketing assets a restaurant can have. Reviews and star ratings help consumers make quick decisions when choosing a restaurant.The increasing number of reviews and opinion websites provide huge benefits to both consumers and restaurants who fully embrace reputational marketing as an integral part of their marketing effort.

Impact of reviews on purchasing decisions

Think about it. When you want to buy a product or service, what is the first thing you do is surely the first thing you will do to research online and read what other people are saying about the product or service in which you are interested. Yes, you probably even read reviews and opinions of other users online! And if you ask your customers how they buy products or services, they will surely do the same. It’s actually hard to avoid comments because those stars appear on search engine results pages when people search Google.

Why improve the online reputation of restaurants?

One of the big mistakes restaurant owners make is believing that improving their online reputation is based on the goal of avoiding those awkward situations in which a customer posts a negative comment about a restaurant.

This type of thinking sometimes leads owners to apply policies of better not to be than to have bad comments when the reality is that if we do not manage and control our presence on these opinion sites, someone else will do it for us.

The really important part is the current need for restaurants to create a good online reputation that allows them to maintain a high rate of visits to their premises by new customers.It is ignored by a large part of the restaurant sector that the current generation customer uses the Internet in their day-to-day life for practically all their decisions, and this is a trend that is here to stay.