Why does everyone love cupcakes?

July 31, 2021

From that sweet frosting to the creamy to that delicious cake, it’s difficult to not be happy with a yummy cupcake! With over 770 million kinds of cupcakes Singapore made every year, we imagine it’s quite right to say that you and I are not just the only people who think it is so. However, what precisely are the reasons why we love these delicious treats so much?

Why are these cupcakes much more popular than a regular piece of cake? We would like to answer all these questions and much more!

Join us in exploring our love for everyone’s favorite dessert and the psychology behind loving cupcakes so much.

Incredible reasons why people are in love with cupcakes

  • There are cupcakes for all occasions
  • They can be shared
  • Portion-controlled
  • They give us a sense of nostalgia
  • They make such great gifts

The long history behind cupcakes

Although it’s difficult to think of a time that existed before cupcakes, they are a very recent concept. How did cupcakes become the phenomenon of the world that they are today?

It started when an imaginative young woman in the year 1858, Eliza Leslie, circulated a cookbook that was named Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats.

So what makes cupcakes super popular?

They are extremely popular, maybe simply because they are small and one can finish it all. You could get an assortment of different flavors in one box instead of having to eat an entire big cake of the same flavor.

You don’t necessarily have to get more. You could grab just one cupcake and eat it on the go. There is no hassle of carrying it or having to store the leftover cake without it getting spoiled and being eaten later.

There are cupcakes for almost all occasions. Bakers all across the world owe such a big deal to Ms. Eliza Leslie, cupcakes that she started have come such a long way today since 1828. Today there’s a different cupcake for almost every occasion! Certainly, it’s difficult to beat the traditional vanilla cupcakes or the yummy chocolate cupcakes, however, it is very much possible to experiment with so much more and bring new flavors and styles.

When you are yearning for something a little bit light especially in the summertime? A flavorful and fast, breezy lemonade cupcake or lemon meringue is the true camping pal. More so when you are celebrating an anniversary or a birthday for that matter. Nothing can beat a typical birthday party cake-inspired cupcake! A lot of cupcakes are so adaptable that cooks have come up with recipes for a few savory cupcakes. From mashed potatoes to meatloaf to lasagna and Frito pie, a little cupcake is an awesome suggestion for a meal.