Working in A Great And Suitable Environment Friendly Office

September 19, 2021

You have been in the green office for several years, and sometimes it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come down the sustainable path. Office space is huge, and reducing its impact will be a collective achievement that will ultimately save you money and give you something to be proud of.

Develop a process to reallocate excess inventory.

Whether it’s printer cartridges, old bindings, or a fax machine, have a procedure to ensure these items have a new life and don’t end up in landfills. Most printer cartridges have take-back programs that use purchase credits as an incentive. Also, set up a whiteboard in a break room or intranet page that lists the items you no longer need.

For example, imagine your department has a box full of old reports in binders that take up shelf space. Instead of throwing everything together, recycle the paper and put the folders on the list. Chances are, someone else needs them for office sustainability. In addition, you may view schools as recipients of surplus materials and supplies. Ask the staff member to ask your child if some of the materials can be used in her class. Who knows, maybe the kids are already asking their parents if they have anything to donate at work. The results may surprise you quite a bit.

Organize carpooling and create incentives for alternative transportation.

Possibilities include bike rack/tax exemptions, hybrid priority parking, or car ride message boards. Creating these dialogues at work will lead to better working relationships among employees and encourage creativity. You might even consider offering employees remote work – this is becoming more popular over time.

Be picky about energy use and consumption

Lighting is essential, but think about how you use it and whether you can use it more effectively. Newer fluorescent lamps use much less energy and even last longer. Make it a chore for the employee to turn off the lights when the last person leaves for the day.

The energy savings are more recognized in the long term but still very significant. In addition to lighting, make sure fax machines and printers are also turned off at night. The power use of a computer is controversial, but one thing to agree to is to turn off the monitor completely at the end of the day, if not the entire machine.

A green office starts with simple tasks like reducing energy consumption and making sure cars and lights are off at the end of the day. Developing a plan to reduce the impact of commuting is another significant step in the right direction. Another achievable goal is to reduce office waste. These habits will save you money at the office and get everyone thinking in a healthier direction.


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