Some Tips on Finding the Right Products to Sell on Amazon

April 23, 2022
easiest things to sell on amazon

When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon holds the crown. The site is now offering more than 12 million products. It is one site that a consumer will go to each time he or she needs a product. The products may range from skincare, home decor, pet food, and others. The massive amount of products now available in Amazon can be daunting for someone who is just starting as a third-party seller who earns by generating revenues from selling products made by other people. A surefire means to succeed is to come up with an extensive market research strategy. That is why it is important to know how to find the most profitable items to sell on Amazon.

Several factors have to be considered and some tools can be helpful in finding the right products:

Understand Product Demand

When you do market research on Amazon, you have to think about various elements such as profit margins, market trends, and seasonal changes. When it comes to profit margin, a seller must always aim for a 50 percent profit margin for every product sold. This will make sure that you will still gain profit regardless if you sell a large or small volume.

Take Advantage of Amazon Best Sellers

easiest things to sell on amazon

It would be better to spend time analyzing the Best Sellers area in Amazon. This is where you can find a comprehensive list of products rated from 1 to 100. Through this, you can see what most people are buying, those that are from the general categories, more specific subcategories, and niches.

Selling Wholesale Products

One way of finding the most profitable items to sell on amazon is by selling wholesale products. This is particularly advantageous for small startups that are looking into the potential for profit of various product categories.

You can do this by checking wholesale marketplaces such as Thomasnet, Alibaba, and others. Another way is through visiting trade shows and buyers’ markets within the industry to find all kinds of wholesale vendors.

You can begin your search by just typing the product and adding the word wholesale to it when you search on Google.

Selling Private Label Products

Private labeling is an offshoot of direct sourcing. This is a reliable way to find products that can be sold on Amazon using your own brand name. Private label suppliers create, label, tag, and package products under your own brand name. You can easily find private label products under any product category from kitchenware to gourmet foods and pet supplies.