How to select the best shade net?

July 14, 2022
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Watching the plants develop swiftly is surely a very positive experience. The atmosphere should be conducive to the growth of the plants while also maintaining a pleasant temperature. The demand for watering the plants increases as the temperature rises during the summer. However, have you ever considered whether this is sufficient or whether more needs to be done? Have you ever considered what it may be like if you could spray sunscreen on plants? Does it seem strange? Not at all, no. To give the plants the required defense against the summer heat, you can install a shade net.

The choice of the appropriate shade net is crucial for promoting healthy plant growth. Typically, loosely woven polyester or occasionally aluminum is used to create the shade nets. The shade nets are available in various densities or colors. The type of plant being cultivated and the amount of shade needed to battle the heat should be taken into consideration when choosing the nets. Making sure that the shade nets are water-permeable prior to choosing them will ensure that hydration is never an issue.

The two most popular varieties of shade netting on the market are Knitted Shade Net and Woven Shade Net. There are a few things to keep in mind, which are covered below.

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The woven shade nets are entirely constructed of polypropylene, in contrast to the lightweight polyethylene used in the knitted shade nets. The knitted shade nets have an open lockstitch construction that resists wind damage and, at the same time, lowers internal heat buildup and wind speed. The woven nets, on the other hand, are heavier than the knitted nets and permit more heat buildup. As a result, the choice of nets is determined by the precise needs of the users.


Compared to woven shade nets, knitted shade nets are simpler to install. Knitted items do not require edge tapping, but woven items do in order to prevent fraying and the unraveling of the nets in the event of a cut. Therefore, it is crucial to select the nets based on the precise requirements of the consumers.

Expected lifespan:        

Compared to woven shade nets, knitted shade nets have a longer lifespan and can withstand the majority of horticulture chemicals and detergents. So choose a knitted shade net if you want one that will last longer.

When choosing shade nets, keeping in mind all of the aforementioned considerations would guarantee that the proper one is chosen. Additionally, in order to get the greatest quality shade nets, it is always a very good idea to select a reputable, trusted, and reliable Agriculture shade net supplier.