How a Business Card Should Look

June 2, 2022

A common trait that can be noticed in the younger generations is that they all want to feel special as well as unique. There is a pretty good chance that this is not entirely their own fault, since the state of the internet has made it so that they put a lot of stock into shallow things without realizing that it is our similarities that count way more than what makes us different from one another. The thing is, this desire for arbitrary uniqueness is leaching into the business card designs that younger business owners are utilizing, and that is setting them up for failure.

This is because of the fact that Metal Business Kards have a very specific way that they should look, and while you might think that you know better the hundreds if not thousands of successful businessmen that preceded you likely have more knowledge than you are even aware of the existence of. The truth of the situation is that your business card should look rectangular for starters, and it should also use some splashes of bright colors that are of the primary shade spectrum if you really want the distinction that you crave.

You don’t have to go completely old school, since the fact of the matter is that older cards were a bit bland in more ways than one. However, some things need to stay consistent, such as the shape and size of the card. Everything else can be customized to a pretty high degree, and we feel like modern card designs are actually quite nice when they are not trying to be overly abstract just for the sake of it despite practical disadvantages.