Buying a used car – you know where!

May 8, 2022

When buying a used car privately, the most caution is required. If you respond to an advertisement, find out about the vehicle and possible weak points before the appointment. When visiting one of the large car markets where impulse purchases are made, caution is advisable, because you have little time for research. If you are not very familiar with the subject yourself, be sure to take an expert with you to the inspection. Suggest taking the used cars in rio linda for a test drive at a workshop or having them valued by an appraiser before finalizing the purchase. If the seller responds to the request for an appraisal, that is a positive sign. If not, hands-off!

In the case of a private purchase, you should obtain written information on the mileage or the promise that the car has not been involved in an accident. Also, check whether the information from the seller matches that on the registration certificate. Also insist on being given the service booklet or chequebook, for example, to check that the car has been regularly inspected and that the mileage on the odometer matches the value recorded by the MOT.

In contrast to the car dealer, a private individual may exclude liability for vehicle defects, the so-called material defect liability, in the purchase contract. When buying privately, you usually get the least security and also have no guarantee claims. You should have by far the greatest leeway here in terms of price.

Purchase from a branded retailer

You can’t go wrong with buying a car from a branded dealer. The cars meet very high standards that are specified. Accordingly, one can assume that the vehicles offered here have been put through their paces and that there is a report on the test results that enables an objective assessment of the current market value.

The car is, therefore, workshop checked, so the dealer can offer you a reasonably used car guarantee. The cars on offer have been thoroughly inspected and you can be sure that you are buying a reliable vehicle. A test drive should also be possible without any problems. As far as the purchase contract is concerned, everything will certainly go right here. In many cases, you can trade in your old car. As a rule, the same careful examination applies to the purchase offer that is also guaranteed for the sale. In addition, the dealer often takes over the deregistration of the old vehicle and the registration of the new vehicle for you.